Gary Ditsch, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
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Product Manager, Software Developer, Health and Fitness Expert

Hard at Work:

Ventre Tech, LLC
Full Stack Web Development Consultant | View
Upper 90, LLC
Technology, data and sports science infused work
Topic Description
Marathon Training Team Helping lead a team of people to run 3:30 to 3:40 marathons. | Go to Marathon Team
Reverse Fundraising Campaign for Boston 2020 Giving $26.20 to a campaign every Friday until Boston 2020. | Details on campaign
Happier and Healthier You A behavior changed program, focused on helping individuals achieve health and happiness. | Read
Outdoors & Storytelling Kentucky has amazing people and outdoor activities, we capture and share those stories. | Listen
Health & Performance My passion to help people live better lives through exercise. | Go to Endurance Base Camp
Random Thoughts My personal blog with some thoughts and pictures of mountains and my lab Kelty | Visit
If you would like to check out my resume, here's the most recent iteration. | View and download resume

Contact info:
  • email: gary[at]
  • phone: 859-429-2936