Here are a few things you may be interested in if you have traveled the world wide web and ended up here.

Current Director of Product at OmniLife.

I grew up in Nebraska. The area is often referred to as The Sandhills.

I am a die hard Husker fan.

Supporting happiness and mental health is important so I created an open source program called Happier and Healthier You.

KeyFrame sports is a product we have launched into the world to help soccer coaches at all levels.

Sports performance motivated a lot of my early decisions.

I pursued a degree in exercise physiology and certification as a strength and conditioning coach.

Ran my first marathon and decided that running one in every state was a good idea.

Endurance sports became more than a fun hobby and I started Endurance Base Camp.

Was at Retrofit as their Lead Exercise Physiologist, eventually became the Product Manager.

After years of being self taught, completed Awesome Inc Bootcamp to improve my technical skills and knowledge.

Plenty of product ideas that I thought were amazing, but users and markets did not.

I have learned how to cope with letting bad products concepts go.

Soccer is a sport I get educated on daily. (Especially Dortmund).