Writing is one very therapeutic activity.
Written: 04-02-2015

When I’m in need of thinking through something that has me either puzzled, confused or feeling down – there have been two very positive activities that I’ve used to effectively do this: running and writing. I have used various other things also, such as meditation, going for walks and listening to music – but running and writing are the two things that have always worked the best.

The form of writing has never been consistent over the years – it has included private journaling, blogging, writing stories, writing poems, just writing random thoughts and even writing a piece with a purpose – they all have been useful. Lately, I have been out of the habit of writing – which isn’t good, as I start to miss it.

I have also not been running, other than short runs at very random moments – as my ankle still isn’t responding well to getting out to run. While doing other workouts is ok, it doesn’t have the same therapeutic benefit for me that running does.

As a desire to be more consistent with writing, in the absence of running – I decided to write a blog post every day in April. And… here it is, almost the end of day two and I’m just getting this post done.

If nothing else, writing out this desire and making it available for the public will hopefully provide some accountability for me to get it done.