Why 35 hours of focus?
Written: 09-12-2013

I have always tried to plan for things in general five year blocks of time (‘always’ starting when I was approx 20 years old). As fast as life changes, it is almost impossible to have solid plans that go unchanged for a five year period – in fact it’s difficult to string together twelve months following the the same plan. So I guess it’s better to say that I look at my five year reviews as a way to provide a general framework for what lay ahead.

Back when I had started putting down guidelines, personal philosophies and goals in 1998 – there were a few years I looked out into the future. Two of the big ones were thirty five years old and death. I was by no means thinking that those were the two natural ‘next steps’ – that you turn thirty five and then you die, but at twenty and twenty one years old it seemed too difficult to get much beyond thirty five with any real sense of understanding.

Five years ago as I was about to turn thirty, I started thinking – How can I celebrate turning thirty being blessed with so much health and blessing. In the end, I came up with the EndureChallenge. It was a completely self created week of endurance events, significant alone time and some moments shared with friends and Nikki.

Finished with the challenge with a full support team.
Finished with the challenge with a full support team.

You can find more about the challenge:
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Several months ago, I again started thinking – What can I do to spend time celebrating and reflecting. My natural bent is to start thinking of something physical to do – to get out doors and experience something that requires movement. I then realized that if I had to tie thirty five into it, I might be in trouble. Some thoughts were:

1. ride 35 hours on my bike (I’ve done 25 before, but was pretty fit – I’m not now and never ride my bike)

2. run 35 miles – took a couple minutes to realize that was not happening

3. walk 35 miles – I went with this idea, thinking that I’d do a ‘walkabout’ of sorts and could easily share that experience with others, thoughts that were on my mind, etc. But in the end, the excitement for that died out too.

The next 35 hours:

One realization that I had was that while being active, supporting others with their health, fitness and performance goals has been my life’s mission (still is btw) – my involvement has been much less tied to my own personal fitness and performance and more closely tied to my ability to educate, create and inspire.

The other part of the last five years is that in my mission to help others, I’ve had to learn (or at least I’ve felt I have) a lot about other areas completely separate from physiology, anatomy and biomechanics such as: business, payroll filings, 1099, productivity, marketing, web design, php/css/html, leadership, lean start up, wordpress, … etc.

Funny, one thing I’m still trying to learn is the value of delegation!

Therefore, what I’ve committed to do to facilitate my reflection at turning thirty five (tomorrow) is spend thirty five hours and creating thirty five posts. They won’t come once an hour, they will likely include photos, videos, resources to use and hopefully some useful information.

My hope is to get to the end of the effort and be ready to attack the next five years with clear thoughts and purpose.