When I’m 71 years old…
Written: 04-08-2015

In the year 2050 I will 71 years old and turn 72 towards the end of the year. There’s really no specific reason that I think about the year 2050, however it seems like as good of a year as any to think about what the world will look like.

I love watching television shows like The Walking Dead, Revolution and The 100. I started watching Continuum this evening. All of these shows have some concept of what a world will be like in the future. I probably spend more time than necessary thinking about this, as I find the possibilities endless. Will there be some biological change that makes the world different? The movies and science fiction that sees the world after some epidemic, seems uncomfortable. Will technology advance society to a place of increased connectedness and empathy? Is the climate going to alter the weather to a point that living patterns change to such a degree that we travel across large segments of scorched earth, reminiscent of Mad Max?

What I find interesting is that most of the glimpses into the future provide us an image of survival and scarcity. There may be other visions of the future, but the television shows and movies I watch all point in that direction. I on the other hand, feel like our progress in many areas of human endeavors will actually bring forward a much more exciting world to live in.

Think about life just 100 years ago. There were many people, even in industrialized countries, that didn’t have food to eat or adequate safety. We now live in a time that every person on this planet can have enough food to live comfortably, the only reason we haven’t achieved 100% saturation is due to politics and power.

I envision a positive future where abundance of life’s necessities only grows. In this world, an individual will have more time to seek self actualization. I think this is a positive expectation?

Who knows.. maybe with too much free time, we’ll only make things more messy and contentious, with a ever constant fear of blowing up this rock. In which case, we at least have Elon Musk and others working to get us off sooner rather than later.

Thinking about April 8th, 2015… I feel that it’s time for bed.