Run free Kelty
Written: 08-17-2017

Last night my best friend, my most loyal companion and for many years the most dedicated running partner decided her old body was too tired. I have visions of her running strong and free again today, something she hasn’t been able to do for awhile.

To manage the sadness and tears, I went for a run last night and realized that one of the only athletic events I have ever won was the year that Kelty became Lexington’s Mutt Strut Champion. The truth is I got to participate in the win, only because the rules required Kelty to drag a human over the course. I remember on that day being worried she might kill herself by working too hard in the heat.

I have written a lot about Kelty over the years, in fact, she is the only thing that has a dedicated archive section on my blog. Every other category of interest always seemed less important than she did. Every dog owner believes that their dog is the best, so it would not be that impactful to say that she was the best dog. However, it’s not possible to overstate the value she had in my life for the past 13 years.

On Saturday, I had an almost perfect day, which I shared in a post. I am so thankful that she and I were able to have that day together. In my heart, I think we both knew it was a long goodbye. I am so thankful to Dr. Cundiff at Hartland Park Animal Hospital, he not only took great care of her the past 10 years, but last night he enabled me a chance to say goodbye.

Goodbye Kelty.. Run free.