Run Data: Arkansas Down – Mission Accomplished
Written: 11-24-2013

As I mentioned, the run yesterday was as much about getting my mojo back as it was reaching a specific result.  Going into a race, being honest about my fitness and executing to that fitness – not getting tangled up in unwarranted expectations.  So here is some data to share:

Finish: 3:20:xx (Not sure of official results yet)
First Half: 1:42:xx — so I reach my goal of negative splits

Pacing by half (duration not distance)
0:00 to 1:40: pace = 7:44 / mile
1:40 to 3:20: pace = 7:26 / mile

Pacing by quarter (duration)
0:00 to 45min: pace = 7:44 / mile
45 to 1:30: pace = 7:43 / mile
1:30 to 2:15: pace = 7:31 / mile
2:15 to 3:00: pace = 7:17 / mile
3:00 to 3:20: pace = 7:44 / mile — last 2 miles I was under 8/mile, but just barely.  I didn’t look at my watch once after I crossed the 20 mile mark, so I realized this by looking at my Garmin data this morning.  It did feel steady while running, but also I knew the struggle began.

Run / Walk – I maintained a run / walk program until mile 20, then I just ran it in.

Nutrition: 4 Huma gels (they are the best!), 1 GU with 2x caffeine at 21.  Only liquid I consumed was enough to go with gel’s.

Key Stats prior to run:

CTL (Chronic Training Load) on Monday of race week = 54.8

Pace / HR key:  7:35 to 7:45 / 150 beats per minute

Weight: 142 pounds — this deserves a post of its own, but I am 10 pounds heavier than I like to be when racing well, 131 to 133 has always been a good place to have great races.  I went through an experiment last March to gain 10 pounds of lean body mass, which went well.  I gained some lean body mass with some fat mass too, I got up to approx 146 pounds.

If anyone ever says that you should “gain some muscle” because it will help your running, run and hide.  It’s a terrible idea.  I was running as slow as I have in a long, long time in April / May.  The training involved to gain the muscle mass was part of it (lots of strength with limited conditioning), but carrying around 10 to 12 extra pounds, is bad for running.  Period.

When I make a push for a race in the spring, getting back to 132 will be a priority.

Other Data:


Polar Loop: I used it to look at heart rate, but the frustrating thing is that there is not start/stop to it. It starts when you put on the HRM and stops when you take it off, or so it should.  The HR strap was removed when I showered and in the trunk of the car all the way home, but for some reason the damn loop continued to record a heart rate.  So my data from yesterday shows a 10 hour active period and includes a lot of time I as in the car coming home. I don’t know what the strap was picking up?

Fitbit: Approx. 40k for the marathon, I didn’t start / stop the fitbit to get just the marathon.

Current Marathon / States Map:

Final Thoughts:

I felt like I was in 3:25 to 3:30 shape going into the run, which was determined by my consistent run results, pace/heart rate metric and a lot of historical experience.  The one questionable factor was that while I was in that kind of shape, I had no clue if my body would hold together long enough for me to finish.

I’m very thankful for my personal mantra, as I repeated it about 50 times in the last 6 or 7 miles. It kept my mind at ease and my body moving forward.

I also out ran what I thought was my level of fitness, so I’m pretty excited about the execution on the day.

Mission Accomplished! What is next?