Helping leaders in the sports performance and digital health markets bring their ideas to life
Product Manager, Developer, Co-FounderJanuary 2017 to Present
Ventre Tech, LLC

We work with sports teams and health tech startups to bring ideas to market. We focus on solutions that optimize and monetize data that is being underutilized. This can include validating a new solution within an existing portfolio of products and services, or working through the entire lifecycle as we work to clarify, develop and deploy new software products into the market. In addition to the product support, I provide mentoring and coaching to to help decrease the risks associated with the early stages of business or product development.

Product Manager, Developer, Co-FounderDecember 2016 to Present
Upper 90, LLC

At Upper 90 my role is to help lead in the development of software products that enable coaches, fitness professionals and sports minded individuals to be their best self. This is done by creating alignment between the sports science and coaching philosophies and the agile process of software development. The current product involves the development of a software application that simplifies data collection and storage for teams and coaches, then providing insightful dashboards and reports to the coach. The dashboards available enable a coach to make informed decisions, using the information that has been collected, without requiring significant time commitments.

Coach, Trainer & Founder2008 to Present
Endurance Base Camp, LLC

Focused on helping individuals meet their health, fitness and performance goals. As a small business, I have spent time training clients in-person in addition to creating, marketing and managing an online coaching service. The remote coaching program focuses on utilizing data driven analysis in coordination with athlete / team communications to optimize training programs. Through the years, efforts to implement coaching programs have included many different evolutions of content creation including: message boards, private content sites, blogs, digital programs, podcasting and messaging applications.

Product Manager, Science Protocol and Data InsightOctober 2016 to August 2016

My role as the product manager consisted of a wide range of responsibilities consistent with an evolving start-up. A critical component of this role was leading a group of experts that validated our methodology used to work with clients. This included reviewing scientific literature, coordinating with our Scientific Advisory Board and evaluating data resulting from user behavior on the platform. In this role, I also helped the business pursue CDC accreditation for the Diabetes Prevention Program, analyzed user engagement on the platform, helped create the roadmap for feature development and supported the business goals of reaching specific efficiencies and unit economic outcomes with our products.

Lead Exercise PhysiologistMay 2012 to October 2015

As the Lead Exercise Physiologist, I lead protocol creation and implementation for the Retrofit programs. Retrofit was a personalized, holistic weight management solution. Additionally, I hired and trained the first team of full-time exercise physiologists to help support the collaborative wellness teams.

Entrepreneurship, Team Leadership
Health Behaviors, Behavior Change
Front End Development
Product Development
Project Management / Agile
Fitness/Wellness, Sports Performance
Back End Development
Motivational Interviewing, Program Planning
Teaching, Research & Analysis
Javascript, Python
SQL, TypeScript, R, Ruby
React, Redux, Angular, Rails
Gatsby, Wordpress, Sanity, Contentful
Docker, AWS, Surge, Netlify, Heroku, Vultr
Google Analytics, Stripe, Mailchimp, Twilio
Awesome Inc Web Development Bootcamp
2016, Full Stack Development
University of Kentucky
2004, Health Promotion
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
2001, Exercise Science