My almost perfect day.
Written: 08-13-2017

I find it easy to sit and think about what things are necessary to make me a happier person. It’s also a bad habit of mine to review all the things that are missing, in order for me to be ‘completely happy’. I’ve had several discussions over the past month that have made me realize that I’m not alone in this scenario. Yesterday was a great example of a day where life could have turned into a moment of despair. The world is an incredibly fucked up place in many ways. But, it’s also an amazing time to live. I personally believe we live in one of the greatest moments in the history of our species. The next 50 years are going to be crazy in so many ways, I just want to try and participate in that as much as I can.

Yesterday, was an almost perfect day in my little world. I wrote a few blog posts several years back, discussing what makes me happy. Two of those posts were about running and my dog Kelty. With that in mind, here is a timeline of yesterday:

  • 5:15am – Kelty wakes me up to let her outside
  • 5:21am – I lay back down
  • 6:00am – I get up so I can feed Kelty and get stuff for the run group
  • 8:00am – Meet run group at West Sixth, we warm up and I do an easy 7.6 miles
  • 9:30am – Get some Starbucks on way home to shower
  • 10:30am – Head back to hang with Kelty
  • 12:15pm – Fall asleep on the floor with Kelty
  • 3:00pm – Cook a package of bacon and 5 eggs, which Kelty and I share
  • 5:00pm – Head to my house to get ready for Mid Summer Nights Run
  • 6:00pm – Ride my bike downtown to the race
  • 7:00pm – Start to warm up for race
  • 8:00pm – Start the 5k, with many other people around town
  • 8:18pm – Finish 5k and chat with Paul and Pete about pushing each other during the race
  • 8:25pm to 9:00pm – Chat with different friends and runners about the race
  • 9:15pm – Get my bike and ride back home
  • 9:30pm – Shower, head to Kroger for some food
  • 10:00pm – Hang out and eat with Kelty
  • 10:30pm – Fall asleep on the floor with Kelty

There were a couple other things that happened yesterday, but it’s probably obvious that my day centered around running and Kelty. It was almost the perfect day.

How this day looks via my Fitbit steps graph: 

Screenshot 2017-08-13 09.24.00