Love Moments – Updates for everyone I can’t reach out to.
Written: 09-12-2014

The are a few things that I can be certain about after the last 28 hours:

1. I have a wonderful wife. There are so many reasons that this is true, but I don’t believe I need to explain this to most of you who will end up reading this post. The best evidence I have is by applying the concept that the types of responses we get from people is often a reflection of who we are.

The past 28 hours have been filled with many people reaching out with thoughts, prayers, flowers, support or just showing up to hold her hand when the pain has been difficult to manage.

That is a reflection of Nikki and her spirit.

2. People matter. Specifically, I am thinking about the people with the right skills and abilities that made a bad day manageable. It could have resulted in a much worse day had someone just made a really bad decision during the process. I think some of my friends and family would say that it was God working through the situation, I’ll share more on that sometime later this weekend.

I know that there could be many people identified for their work yesterday, so I’ll try not to do that as I would leave someone out that should be recognized. I can say that from the Good Samaritans on the trail, the EMT Unit that hiked her out, the staffs at both Central Baptist and UK Hospital and the Emergency Unit that transported her between the two facilities … it has worked out.

We’ve also been fortunate to have friends in both locations that were able to understand how to manage the process. Having people around that know what buttons to push makes a world of difference. This is especially true when I’m lost for words (not often the case).

3. Love the moments. I typically live 3 to 5 years in the future, which makes appreciating moments difficult. It makes recognizing the significance of the moment challenging.

The reason that I’ve come to this thought today – is not because I am worried about the future. The future is bright. This understanding was made very clear yesterday as every thought I had was about the moment. I was not worried about what happens in two months, I wanted to be awake to know that Nikki received the support she needed. The moment mattered. Too often we live in the past or out in the future.

This will sound silly, given the context, but I’ll share anyway. I was walking to get dinner tonight as Nikki’s parents stayed with her. I was walking along the street and I came upon the a lady on her phone. She stopped her conversation, looked at me and said, “I like your jacket”. It made me smile and I said, “Thank you.” It seems like such a trivial thing, but it simply displays the value that words have, the value that kindness has and how we shouldn’t let the simple moments of happiness escape without recognition. She had no idea what the last 28 hours have been like, but with kind words – she created a moment of happiness for me that lasted through dinner.

Now on to the updates:

The first thing that I want to say, to those who are friends and will learn of Nikki’s accident by reading this post. I am sorry. I was worried at first about the word spreading, people posting on Facebook and friends finding out prior to me getting in contact with them. I soon realized that staying ahead of the communication was very stressful and it wouldn’t happen. I wanted to concentrate on being with Nikki, so while I tried to reach out at first – I quickly stopped worrying about it.

We had a friend who learned about the accident and was at Central Baptist ER within a couple minutes of Nikki and I arriving. It is just evidence that messages spread fast. (As a side note: this could be an example one might use to say God was working for us, as this friend “Knew the buttons to push” for us while there).

What happened? Nikki was involved in a mountain bike accident yesterday, which has required some time and treatment to take care of. In every step of the treatment and care, there has been cautious steps. I know very little about acute management of injuries, but as I’ve stated before – it feels like given the range of outcomes, she’s doing well.

I do not want to list out all the details of what has happened, I believe it would also be her wish.

If you feel lead to pray or send positive thoughts, here would be the current needs:

– management of pain : currently she is doing very well, however it has been up and down.

– healing : there are injuries that need healing.

– wisdom : the reality is that recovery/treatment over the next few months is going to require a lot of choices, by us and doctors. It would be great if wisdom was displayed in those decisions.