Jack Reacher, Audible and Me.
Written: 09-12-2013

I love to read, but it seems that as I’ve got busier the last couple years – my rate of reading has declined dramatically.  While I still get a few non fiction books read, I almost never read a fiction book for fun.

As I listen to podcasts on my runs, it seems that I hear many advertisements to sign up for Audible.  I am not sure why I have never done this before, I enjoy listening to books when I travel in the car but have never thought about signing up for Audible and listening to them during  a workout.

Well, I just signed up for Audible and got the first book in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child: The Killing Floor

I listened to it while I traveled the other day, but then would listen as I ran or went for a walk.  It was a great way to listen to the story.  I could almost imagine that I was running from bad guys or training to take them on.  I am anxious to download the next book in the series, but now I need to decide to I pay for the download or wait until next month when I get the credits for another book.

There are a lot of Jack Reacher books by Lee Child, looks like I will have company for many miles ahead.

The Movie?

I should make a note about the movie that came out recently with Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.  I know that many individuals that read the series either did not like the movie or refuse to watch it, but I have to say that I’m thankful it came out.  The movie exposed me to the character and while I thought the movie was ok, it created enough interest that I wanted to know more.  So thank you to those who created the film, I’m grateful.