10 things you can do today to become a better runner
Written: 08-21-2017

This time of year is often a busy time for individuals seeking running advice. There are many ways to make running complicated, but if you are just starting out… it’s best to just keep it very simple. Start way easier and slower than you think is necessary, then progress at a rate you think is too slow. In 3 months, you’ll be healthy and still running. In 1 year you will be amazed how how your life has changed. In 10 years, people will come to you asking for your secrets!  In 20 years…

Here are 10 things to do today to get started!

  1. Go for a run: any distance, any duration
  2. Find a running partner that will hold you accountable.
  3. Start a training log and track your runs (or use Strava, Fitbit or Garmin to do it for you).
  4. Join a running club, to add social benefit to your running.
  5. Sign up for a 5k (or any race), so there’s a target to work towards.
  6. Relearn (or learn) how to skip.
  7. Get a new pair of running shoes or running clothes, to solidify your commitment to running.
  8. Attend a running clinic that teaches you proper running form.
  9. Learn 1 new stretch, that is specific to your needs and mobility.
  10. Go run “hard” for 1 block, recover and then repeat a couple times.